Swimbait Savers / Trailer hook keepers

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These work great instead of using super glue to hold your swimbaits onto your jigheads, underspins etc. and greatly reduce tearing of the bait and also eliminating the residue left on your jigheads from superglue. These also work very well as trailer hook keepers on Spinnerbaits but we recommend our standard size for that purpose. 

Satndard size come in a quantity of 20 per pack.

Extra Wide come in a quantity of 10 per pack.

Note- These are a 1 time use product. Once they are on, they are on for good. After catching a lot of fish and your bait is ready to replaced, simply cut these off and put a new one on. These have been used on hooks up to 5/0 and while they will go on.


***Use Precaution when installing these on sharp objects***