About TKO Tungsten

TKO Tungsten is a family owned business that started out as a "hobby" in 2016 to simply pay for fishing and afford a newer boat and has quickly taken our lives over and grown into a full time business. We take great pride in our Customer Service, High Quality Tungsten weights, Jigheads & other products, Competitive Pricing and FAST shipping. TKO is a company ran by fisherman for fisherman, all of our products are tested by us personally and our Pro Staff members before anything is approved for sale.

Side Note- We get this question A LOT. "Where did the name TKO come from?"

Answer- We had a hard time coming up with a good company name when the business was starting up. A good friend of ours came up with TKO Tungsten.

TKO are the initials of our Daughters & Niece...Taylor, Kenzie & Olivia.