Drop Shot Weights

Product Details
  • 1/16 oz-5 pack
  • 1/8 oz-5 pack
  • 3/16 oz-5 pack
  • 1/4 oz-5 pack
  • 5/16 oz-5 pack
  • 3/8 oz-2 pack
  • 1/2 oz-2 pack

We offer 3 different styles of Drop Shot weights- Tear Drop, Finesse & Round all with line pinch line ties. We also carry the Finesse and Tear Drop with Round line eye ties for the popular "Free Rig". TKO Tungsten offers high quality grade 97% pure Tungsten at affordable prices! TKO Tungsten weights do not have inserts and are diamond polished so your line is safe! TKO’s weights are the most sensitive, bullet proof and gorgeous weights you will find. Please shoot me a message or check out TKO Tungsten on facebook and please LIKE and FOLLOW our page for discounted specials, promotions, give-a-ways and some cool fish photos when we have time to fish!